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Get on track and stay on track with the SUCCESS in 4method. We’ve stripped down the science and psychology to create simple actions that help you form habits for success in 4 simple steps, in under 4 minutes a day. The book offers insights on how to best use the method, puts the science and psychology in perspective, and gives you a better understanding of the difference this method can make.

The app is a wonderful, bonus support aide, and the result of a desire to ensure that the methods and techniques explained in the book could be quickly and easily applied every day, to give you the results you want. We didn’t want the book to be just another great book that was tremendously useful with fantastic advice, techniques and suggestions that were difficult to consistently follow when you got on with your daily life. With the Success in 4 app this is no longer a problem. We’ve got you covered with an easy way to form those habits for success, in 4 simple steps that the app helps you get done in under 4 minutes a day. Easy!


We were in your shoes once – looking for tools to help us thrive all-round, yet none of the networking groups seemed to address the unique set of challenges women face on a daily basis in a comprehensive way. What we saw was a distinct lack of resource to help us achieve our goals in a more strategic, supportive and structured way, that was also flexible in the ways it needed to be. We embarked on a mission to change that.

We know that for the most part, aside from being ‘wired’ differently, women also face different challenges and strains than their male counterparts, and can sometimes require a more flexible, but supportive approach to goal-achievement. If you’re like so many other women out there, we know that you’re passionate about what you want to achieve- your goals, your brand and mission… but you may not always be as comfortable or confident with the “business of business.’’ We understand that support should adapt based on your current needs, wants and context. It’s from a vision to create this supportive, outcome-focused environment that helps women grow, see and feel REAL progress, results and success, that LEVEL UP was born.