Noleen Mariappen – Empowering Entrepreneurs to Build a Better World

good place to buy accutane online All entrepreneurs start with an idea, passion and the determination to take action, persevere and work hard to pull everything together to make it a success. 

buy accutane online Successful entrepreneurs focus on business prosperity and profitability, utilizing resources and networks and carefully balancing their spending and outgoings to ensure that start to break-even as quickly as possible, and move on to make profits within the shortest time possible.

Most entrepreneurs don’t wish to work on more than one business at a time and believe in directing all their efforts into their existing business to work on making it successful.

Serial entrepreneurs are different as they build experience and proficiency, and have the desire and drive to work on various ventures simultaneously, always looking for opportunities and potential. To some, they may be considered courageous for the bravery to take these risks, but with the right attitude, determination, skills, insights and timing, this is what makes them truly successful.

Making a Difference

Noleen Mariappen is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and philanthropist who believes not just in making a difference by building businesses and helping others to do the same, but also through having a positive impact on society. She believes in using her experience, ambition, innovative thinking, and keen business sense for strategic and sustainable progress both for profitability and well as a social good.

She has an incredible passion for helping others, and for getting to the root of problems and implementing strategic solutions for sustained improvements and positive change aligned with goals over a longer period of time. She feels that her purpose it to go beyond just profits.

Her approach

A champion of economic empowerment, she believes in fostering a growth mindset and exponential growth, and her approach is one of being proactive and focusing on actions rather than just plans. Vision, planning and goals are only worthwhile if you are willing to take the actions needed to bring about a change. She believes in embracing critical questioning, exploration, innovation, service, partnerships and continuous improvement. 

Some of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs in businesses today started from scratch with nothing in their pockets and achieved phenomenal success with their determination, struggle and hard work, and Noleen is similar in this way.

Her story started in South Africa, during the era of apartheid where she started with the bare minimum. Few people could imagine some of the obstacles she had to face as she worked her way to success, but her passion and determination to improve life for herself, her family, and communities in need despite her circumstances drove her forward. She is led by her purpose of doing more to make a meaningful difference in the world.

She first moved to the UK and made an astounding move by having only £20 in her pocket and began her career as a business development professional. In that period, she learned how to manage complex situations and the complexities of human psychology which play a major role in the world of business. She also managed multi-million-pound projects and achieved success after a lot of struggles, along with supporting business growth. 

Vision to go beyond just making profits

Her vision is to use insights, innovation and actionable strategies for measurable impact and outcomes to grow organizations, and to go beyond just making profits, to have an effect and impact for a longer period of time—advocating for and supporting initiatives that lead the way to an auspicious future and better prospects. 

She believes in learning from her struggles and failures, and is now is a founder, co-founder, and shareholder in numerous companies, across industries, and at different points of growth, continually working toward a better tomorrow.

Global Reach

Her consulting company Saffa Global ( has been a huge support to entrepreneurs, businesses, non profits and the public sector worldwide, and through it, she consults with and acts as advisor to visionary individuals worldwide. With the difficult year that many have seen due to the pandemic, she and her team have also been supporting startups and entrepreneurs with some pro bono support, showing her generosity of spirit.

This brilliant and passionate entrepreneur is eager, and determined to share her knowledge, and provide insights to help businesses succeed, consulting with entrepreneurs to make a positive impact and help them to reach their full potential.

She is filled with a determination to work toward making the world and society, a better place to live, and is always open to strategic partnerships and projects that work toward these aims.

‘In the business world, it’s often the case that people are torn between doing good for business or doing good for society- in my world, you can do both.’

In her world, you can achieve success in all aspects. She believes that there is no limit to growth, and that is what drives her to work hard every day and to also encourage and motivate her partners to do the same. She has formed a number of powerful partnerships globally and is always looking at expanding the reach of her international network for mutual benefit.

Striving for a better world

Apart from having a keen interest and continually building businesses, Noleen has also launched the Inspiration for Good initiative ( with the main objective of developing lucrative projects and partnerships, with the sole purpose of supporting nonprofit organizations on a global basis. This has always been one of her major driving forces to do what she does and is amazing at.

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