New Year, New Thought… From Resolve to Action

how to buy Pregabalin Another year is over, and so another begins… and with it comes the idea of fresh starts, new beginnings and change… the wait is over!! The time has finally arrived when we can start doing all the things we’ve put off for the last few months because we were waiting for the new year to kick in!!

Nakano If anything has changed this year, it’s the way that I think about new year’s resolutions. It really isn’t about the resolve to make changes, but rather about inspiration, preparation and action plans. I’m someone who is consistently taking action, so when I considered what would form part of my New Year’s action list, I recognised that these actions needed to be significant enough to move me, even if incrementally so, toward a desired lifestyle change.

So, what are some of the things on my action list?

First off- more time out for me… now just thinking that this is something that I need to do, won’t make it a reality… so what I have done instead is to start blocking off times, and booking time out activities. The first is in just over a week, and then a lovely evening of dinner, dancing and a show with friends later in the month. Just the thought of these times out makes me feel better already… so I’ll be scheduling them in every month, and during my times out, I will be unplugging- switching off. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be ignoring work, it just means that I’ll plan better, and make sure that everything is taken care of beforehand, so that I’m not needed except for in emergencies.

Secondly- I have chosen two things that I will stop doing… and this comes in the form of: attempting to bake, and taking negativity from those who don’t know me to heart. With the former, I know this sounds silly, as it isn’t something which is overly important or life-changing, but it is actually something that wastes my time… and only does so because every now and then I want to prove to myself that I’m not terrible at baking- when actually, it really doesn’t matter that I am! I think my time would be much better spent doing something I enjoy more. With regard to the latter, my action to ensure that this happens, is to have a process for dealing with negativity and not taking it personally. I’ll assess what’s being said- if there’s anything worth addressing or any truth in what’s being said, I will address this, as difficult as it may be to my ego. If not, I will process using the ‘in one ear, out the other’ method!

Thirdly, I plan to donate more of my time to good causes. To this end, I have scheduled the equivalent of one day a month, when all I do is pro-bono work, or work supporting charities, budding entrepreneurs and other good causes.

I know that this list may seem meager, and there are a lot more actions that I intend to take which are specific to my business and personal life, but those are part of my on-going development plans (with my personal action plans being the latest addition to my personal development!). What I’d encourage you to recognise, is that what’s more important than having a long list or resolutions that sets you up to fail, is to have a short, realistic and achievable list that allows for you to reach your goals and build on your successes.