cheap trick lyrics buy provigil online pharmacy ‘In the business world, it’s often the case that people are torn between doing good for business or doing good for society- in my world, you can do both.’

My Story

My story began in South Africa during a time where I was legally a lesser person, within a context of poverty, I always aspired to get beyond my circumstances, to do more, and to help more. Reading and learning was my initial escape, I would read for hours on end as a child. As I got older, I discovered that applying what I had learned could get me further, and that I was more than my circumstances. This has stuck with me through the years. My first break came in the form of a scholarship to university just as apartheid drew to a close, worked three jobs through university where my studies focused on Organisational Psychology, and set my sights on doing more in the world. My most momentous move was one made to the UK when I left South Africa with just £20 to my name.

Following a brief stint as a waitress my career began as one of a management and business development professional.  For years I utilised my understanding of the complexities of human psychology, business & organisational development, behaviour, culture and context whilst working in the areas of programme, project and operations management, more specifically managing and coordinating complex, cross-functional, multi-million pound projects, and supporting business growth. I am passionate about enabling personal and professional success, and quickly discovered that I could do more, in the way that I wanted, if I took that leap into the entrepreneurial world. I decided to put the years of skills and experience that I had gained helping others personally and professionally, and launched my first business which I took, (with a dash of luck too!), from startup to exit in 6 months.

Through the years I kept working hard, rose to new heights, hit all-time lows, accomplished much, made money, lost money, trusted, had my trust broken and went on to expand my business portfolio. Some of those businesses failed, but from each that did, I learned… and these lessons, along with a desire to develop myself constantly, to grow, to learn from others and to achieve – for more than just myself, is what has allowed for me to persevere. I now have an extensive portfolio ranging from brands endorsed by Versace, Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, and Halle Berry and featured on TMZ, Young Hot Hollywood, Vogue, In Style and more.

I divide my time between expanding my business portfolio across numerous industries including luxury goods, renewable energy, media, pets, consultancy and medical technologies, as well as supporting non-profit initiatives allowing for funding in a strategic way through my community interest initiative, Inspiration for Good.

I also work toward making more of a difference throughconsulting with entrepreneurs, helping businesses strategise, streamline, problem-solve and expand, and by supporting individuals and businesses to acknowledge and reach their full potential. I particularly love working with the socially conscious, helping them maximise on success to enable more of the greater good.

I’m always keen to share knowledge, support and insights, so be sure to get in touch if I may be able to assist in some way, or if you feel that there may be an opportunity for a strategic partnership.