MY ENGAGEMENTS My focus shifted from managing multi-million £/$ projects, to making a difference in business and society in a more direct way. Having taken my first business from startup to exit in 6 months, and then expanding my portfolio across industries and continents, I now consider myself an impact entrepreneur and consultant with a focus on purpose-driven funders, funding and sustainable enterprise, harnessing the power of partnerships and technology for socio-economic empowerment, innovation & business success with purpose. 

My Engagements

Xindian What I can do is right for you if:

  • You want to expand business into new territories, particularly Africa, South America and the UAE, and could benefit from high level introductions and facilitation of trade
  • You are an investor, philanthropist or fund and want systems in place to vet, measure, report on and verify the impact of your investments or future investments/donations  
  • You want to embed sustainability practices in your systems and operations and would like to leverage this to build and scale
  • You/your organization wants to make a meaningful difference while increasing profitability and impact 
  • You want to find strategies to balance purpose and profit in a way that’s feasible for your organization 
  • You’re open to economic empowerment, exponential entrepreneurship, impact and growth principles, and multi-stakeholder collaboration to enable scale
  • You are new to the world of sustainability and you want to make sustainable attainable within your context
  • You are a non-profit that needs support with sustainability strategies and implementation for monitoring, reporting, measuring and leveraging impact
  • You would be interested in partnering or supporting any of the impact initiatives I’m involved in

The following are some of my engagements:

  • Saffa Global – Founder 
  • Think Ocean – Founder
  • Global Women For Good – Global Director
  • IntelliAqua – VP of Impact 
  • African Leadership – Partner Consultant 
  • World Innovation Alliance – Strategic Partner
  • Inspiration For Good – Founder
  • Hult Prize – Judge and Expert Pool Mentor
  • Government Blockchain Association – Sustainability Environment Stewardship Working Group
  • AUNUA – Partner
  • MedInfo Files – Co-Founder 
  • Beverly Hills Choppers – Equity Partner
  • Black Gardenia – Equity Partner

In the pipeline:

A game-changer for the impact ecosystem for funders, supports, entrepreneurs and non-profits. Watch this space!