Find inspiration, motivation & connection! ‘Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive.’ Anais Nin    

The year is nearing an end and I can’t help but look back and think about what’s come before… with a bubbling excitement for what’s yet to come. This excitement is not because the passing years have all been wonderful, and that is what I’ve come to expect, but rather because I’ve experienced the tough times, and I believe that all that I’ve learned and put into action is finally coming together. I see signs of movement in the right direction and I can’t wait for all the wonders that I’m certain the year ahead will bring!

I know that there are times when life will keep knocking you down, and can leave you so beaten, battered and broken that you’ll really have no idea how to get through another day. You wouldn’t think it by looking at me, or even meeting me, but I’ve been there, and it wasn’t all that long ago. Like many people that you probably meet on a daily basis without realising it, I too put on my smile every day, and got back out there, determined not to let the hard knocks win. Sheer determination (and at times desperation!) helped, but not as much as learning lessons from everyone, and everything that I could, as well as the people in my life.

Much of what has tarnished the year that has gone by seems less significant because of a number of personal and professional influences who have helped me to reach a turning point. To begin with, JT Foxx re-ignited a flame of inspiration, and along with a team that includes Damien Elston and Les Evans, I have learned invaluable lessons, and been part of phenomenal events that started me on my journey. Everyone needs some form of inspiration to start, and at times to continue toward goal-achievement, and I encourage you to find that source of inspiration… wherever it may be.

From being inspired and motivated, I was fortunate enough to have connected with Johnny Lew Fratto, whom I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to. Johnny, (and Jowanka) Fratto, as well as Tina Allton and many others encouraged me, and expressed a belief in me that reinforced my self-belief. I have always felt that I could move mountains… but believe me, moving them gets a whole lot easier when you have fantastic support backing you up!

I realise that many people out there have low levels of self-belief, or have limiting beliefs. If you suspect that you fall into either of these categories, then I recommend that one of the first things that you do is to review the list of people that you know, and to make a concerted effort to spend more time with the people that respond positively to you, and who believe in, and encourage you. Talk to them about your goals, and allow them to help you get fired up! If you’ve reviewed your list and feel that there is no one on it that fits this description, then expand your network! Go to events or groups that are geared toward the goals you want to reach…put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to connect! It really can make a world of difference… it most certainly has for me!