I accept a limited number of consulting contracts at any given time, and below are some of my more recent undertakings:

order Pregabalin TastePlease

Developed by Frank Lantz, offers a new and revolutionary way to dine, meet and interact. The social dining platform combines the best of social media with a global marketplace for unique meal experiences. TastePlease offers users an opportunity to create, host and join authentic culinary events anywhere, anytime. It’s a truly social platform, a worldwide dining club of sorts that allows for people with a passion for food to come together. Everyone is invited.

Misoprostol overnight without prescription Swim Secure

An established brand developed by recently inducted “Hall of Famer” Colin Hill, the brand has now just joined the open water swimming investment group headed by Gary Hall & Maurice Edgington. “Be Safer Be Seen” Swim Secure supplies a range of hi-vis products for anyone who enjoys the open water, swimming, snorkeling or just splashing on the beach. Distributors across the world Spain, Mexico, Norway, Venezuela and coming soon Australia and SA. The brand leader for the protection of swimmers and their personal possessions. New products will soon include special children’s protectors and dual purpose backpacks and floatation devices. Be Safer Be Seen

Nexus Academy

Nexus academy is an invaluable resource for health-related industry and practice professionals in Africa. It allows for unprecedented ease of access to industry leaders, opportunities for multi-level engagement, interactive exchanges and active engagement. It offers the highest calibre of organised, unbiased and individualised content as well as tailored opportunities for knowledge exchange, research, consulting and collaborations. It comprises of highly relevant resources and opportunities, through a cost-effective and convenient platform for knowledge building and exchange. It also allows ongoing opportunities for CPD, expertise, knowledge & insights of the professional community, and invaluable additions to evidence-based knowledge. Further benefit is access to mentorship and succession planning, and being able to gain from the experience of trusted professionals relevant to your industry and network.

MVP LOOPS, Donald Johnson and Nigel Williams

From it’s inception in the Spring of 2009 MVP Loops was founded on the obsession that it would produce the most modern sample libraries and music software in the industry, and through the years, the team has not only held true to their vision, but has pioneered new products and innovations in the industry. Guided by a true dedication to
produce top tier, pro level sounds, developing and selling market-leading products, and offering high-level post-production and promotional services, they make the job of production easier for anyone ranging from the home studio owner, to the seasoned pro.

Their hard work and dedication has led them on an incredible journey, one which has catapulted them to a level of success and a trajectory of growth that sets them apart from competitors.  Their service and product provision is a culmination of nearly 25 years of samples library, music software and sounded design experience, as well as music production, music promotion, record label, and music consulting experience and expertise.

Led by Nigel Williams, (VP of Operations and Music Education Graduate from Berkeley College of Music), and Donald Johnson, (CEO/President who attended UNCC for business), both of whom are talented musicians themselves, the MVP Loops team consists of more than 30 of the most talented musicians, engineers, producers, former label executives, graphic designers, radio promoters, and music consultants, all of whom are seasoned professionals with a track record in the music industry.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA with years of experience and millions of records sold and attributed to their work, the MVPLoops team and signed sub-contractors works with world-renowned artists, with credits including Tu Pac, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Jodeci, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, Leann Rimes, Brandy, Mary J Blige, Diddy, Fleetwood Mac, Bette Midler among others.

Whether it is Apple recommending MVP Loops officially on their website, or having a top selling product with Native Instruments, designing sounds for the new Akai MPC series, or delivering top rated content to Presonus, Mixcraft and more the goal is always the same, and that is to provide the best sounding, most efficient, and modern sounds available that will enable music creators to realize the ideas that are in their heads and hearts.

The company also has a trusted national and international reputation, comes highly recommended, and boast among its clientele, partners and distributors: Apple, Presonus, Akai, Mixcraft, Native Instruments, Guitar Center, Big Fish Audio, and Universal Music with 1000s of songs placed globally.

They haven’t stopped with just the successes in their core business though, and with a trend-setting vision, have begun collaborative projects branching out into industry-related iOS and Android app development, acquiring ownership stakes in new and innovative applications, and will soon be responding to a demand for sharing of skills, expertise and networks by offering masterclasses to a limited number of aspiring producers, artists and DJs each quarter through their educational vision.  Additionally their mixing and mastering services have grown exponentially.

Noleen was contracted to support MVP during a key stage in their growth, in order to develop B2B profit centres, expand on B2C avenues, further develop the brand, advise on marketing and investment strategies, and to act as an extension of the executive management team. MVP describes the input as ‘indispensable to our agenda moving forward.’

Note: MVP Loops, MVP Virtual, MVP Platinum, VIP Loops Platinum Series, and Dig Audio represent the in-house brands of

Blackstone Amphitheater for Humanity and Graciela Blackstone

Graciela Blackstone lives in Annapolis, Maryland and is the US Veteran, CEO/Founder Amphitheater for Humanity. Graciela and her family have lived, worked, and eventually owned the farmland on borderline of Crownsville and the Capital of Maryland (Annapolis City) since 1659. The family on Graciela’s grandmother’s side traces back to Maureen Duvall the Elder, who was bestowed the land grand by King Henry 7th. The 300 year old family farm, which is the last African American owned farm in Anne Arundle County , listed on the  MD Historical Inventory, is being completely transformed.  It will be a $89million + project, for non-profit Blackstone Amphitheater for Humanity Complex . This totally Platinum Green location will be groundbreaking with 22nd century 4,000  seat Amphitheater, a 5,000 capacity attached Conference Center, 321 room 4 star Hotel, 5 Kilometer historic walking trail , onsite day/night trip Amphitheater tour buses to downtown beautiful Annapolis, New fabulous Crofton, and Nightlife sites for conventioneers to Baltimore or Maryland Live.  Business leasing spaces, Concerts, Multi-Cultural events, Festivals, Non-profit organizations large fundraisers, Business and Religious Conferences, STEAM events- Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Math programs, Military USO shows for troops. At its core will have the additional agendas of Job Creation and an increase in Tourism. Following a consultation with Johnny Fratto and Noleen Mariappen, a new strategy and plan was devised, and through their facilitation, Graciela has now negotiated and entered into agreements with Hologram USA and Musion DH to create the “First Permanent and Largest Holographic Complex in the World “. As of September 15th, 2015, plans are in progress. Noleen Mariappen continues to support the project, being a spokesperson and acting as international liaison, as well as supporting development and marketing strategy where necessary.

Thomas Aksnes and HealthTech Sciences

Thomas Aksnes comes from a family of renowned scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine and high technology in Norway. He is the founder of HealthTech Sciences and is internationally recognized in the field of health technologies, self-regulating mechanisms and health optimization. In cooperation with scientists, institutes and technology developers all across the world, he has created a new field of medicine, that of technology-based medicine. He is the main developer of the PTD technology and co-developer of several health technologies used professionally as part of a technology-based concept, (The Health Optimizing clinic concept), used in over 200 clinics worldwide, and has been doing extensive medical research on his developments. Following a consulting contract with HealthTech Sciences that focused on strategy for expansion, high impact branding & marketing, and investor acquisition, Noleen Mariappen secured conditional ownership in the U.S arm of the technology-based clinic concept- Health Optimizing North America.

Tom Coyle and Adventures in Leadership
Tom Coyle is a 1997 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the most prestigious military academy in the world.    He is co-founder of Adventures in Leadership and the author of the book, “Leadership Lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg”.   He has written many articles on leadership and appeared on video blogs about leadership.   He currently instructs leadership lessons for both high school students and working professionals.   Clients have included Keller Williams and EcoGreen Energy.   Tom’s leadership programs focus on doing rather than lecturing in the classroom.  He gets students and clients out of their comfort zone and working together through hands-on experiential leadership exercises.  As a former Army officer and Department of State political officer he has led people in some of the most remote locations of the world, to include Afghanistan and Bosnia. Tom served in the United States Army from 1997 to 2004, achieving the rank of Captain.  As an Army officer, he led soldiers of various backgrounds and successfully moulded them into teams.  Tom also served as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State.  His overseas assignments included Bosnia and Afghanistan.  His awards and decorations include the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, three Army Commendation Medals, and three Army Achievement Medals. After a successful career in public service, Tom turned his passion into Adventures in Leadership.  His goal is to pass his lessons on to future generations of leaders.

Noleen Mariappen first engaged with Tom Coyle and Adventures in Leadership in order to develop concepts and plans for additional profit streams. Noleen was able to review and expand on options, and support strategies for operations and implementation. Due to the synergies in approach, Noleen and Tom will continue to work together outside of the contract, as partners on additional projects.

Lemon and Thyme Partnership

Stefan Poulos is Director of The Lemon & Thyme Partnership; hospitality recruitment specialists in the UK, focusing on management and director level vacancies within the restaurant, gastro pub, bar and food retail sectors. The Lemon & Thyme Partnership also offer one-to-one coaching and training seminars for recruiters, in-house training for internal recruitment departments and specialist training and coaching for all new recruiters starting out in their career.

Boasting 12 years experience in the recruitment industry, Stefan is viewed as an expert in his field, regularly publishing industry-related articles, offering advice and guidance to companies and recruiters. He is an avid food blogger, attending a number of new restaurant openings, including those which his company supplied the staff for, and has recently released his first book – Your Pocket Guide to a Career in Recruitment, which has been well received, and is described as a must-have for everyone starting out in recruitment, or wanting to!

Dean Lobrutto

Dean Lobrutto has a passion and knowledge for entrepreneurship along with experience both deep, diverse and highly specialized. His roles include Founder, Co-Founder, Consultant, Coach, and Broker, and his ventures include start-ups, acquisitions, franchises and expanding business opportunities. He is known as a self-employment guru, and undertakes selective roles as franchise consultant, exit consultant, business broker and business development consultant.

He is part of national affiliation of business executives; active / retired Fortune 500 executives, and works with management / partner groups involved with companies in their implementation of strategic partnering plans, acquisitions, mergers, sales, management approaches, marketing plans, board recruitment, executive search, development planning and other needs.

Dean is also co-founder and CEO of EON Foods, a successor to StonePoint; a global brand development / deployment company. He helped prepare the company for IPO; oversaw capital formation, R&D, strategic partnering/planning and vendor relationships.

Noleen was approached by Dean to review a new consulting offer that he was developing, and was able to offer advice and suggestions regarding strategic positioning, clarity of message, functionality, usability of the website, as well as design. These were all well-received, viewed as beneficial for increased impact, and revisions were made accordingly.

Previous engagements on programmes such as QWEST involved support via my team, (which included engagement and support officers), who completed assessments, training, support, and placements for organisations and projects such as Durisol, the Samye Foundation, Homemakers Project, Haven Engineering, Pride of Place, Purple Mustard, JD Football Academy, Raspberry Catering, A+ Training, IG Doors, and Enterprise Development Associates.