A Super Strategy to Limit Leads that Go Cold

If you’re involved in any role that includes engaging with prospects and promoting your business’s products and/or services, then you’ve undoubtedly come across instances where your lead gives you the ‘cold shoulder.’ Key at these junctures is re-establishing communication, and this article offers some practical tips on ways of engaging throughout the sales process, and …

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Emotion Sells

Think about a few of the non-essential purchases you’ve made recently… if you consider your reason for buying, it was most likely emotionally driven on some level. Whether we like it or not, a majority of consumer choices are led by emotions. For this reason, we often make purchases that we later regret, and it’s …

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6 Pillars of Success

With the information age upon us, it seems that everywhere we look, there is someone trying to make a quick buck with a new or re-invented business idea, new promises or a different angle.  You’ll see a number of businesses doing pretty well, but more often than not, you’ll come across businesses that are struggling …

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