Amazons Watch launches Global Women for Good, with Noleen Mariappen as Global Director

Torre Annunziata The Amazons Watch, a premier women development publication, committed to continually highlight the giant strides of women from the developing nations of the world, has announced the launch of Global Women for Good (GWG); and is happy to announce Noleen Mariappen, an entrepreneur and philanthropist as its pioneer Global Director.

order Neurontin cheap overnight at washington Global Women for Good, an initiative of Amazons Watch, is an emerging global think tank and action group for women around the world, who are a force for good and ambassadors of strategic and sustainable development in their communities and globally, with a particular focus on improving circumstances within developing nations.

The Amazons Watch as an organization has a philosophy that is rooted in the preservation of the pride and dignity of women through an objective showcase of issues bordering on gender inequalities and social injustices experienced by women while profiling the amazing achievements of these Amazons; for reference, duplication, and inspiration to the up-coming generation of women leaders.

Speaking, Chairman of Amazons Watch, Dr Ken Giami, said ‘Noleen is a great leader who brings on board over 20 years’ experience as an economic and social empowerment advocate, business executive, entrepreneur and philanthropist. We are excited to be working on this initiative with Noleen.’

Also speaking, Noleen said ‘We’ve been aware of the need for transformational, and very importantly- collaborative leadership across nations long before the exceptional challenges of the last year. I’m excited to finally bring together a powerhouse of women globally to collectively work on strategic initiatives for positive social impact, economic recovery, and empowerment. Together we absolutely can do more, and the time is now for us to come together.

GWG activities aim to convene not just think tanks. Still, a network of influence, to work on not only analyzing and theorizing about how we deal with issues but also on actively developing and implementing strategies and programs to aid economic recovery. GWG aims to be a collective of global female leaders who go down in history for their unprecedented collaborative efforts in the face of global challenges.

GWG already has a plethora of commitments from 14 present and former first ladies of nations in Africa and South America; female business leaders from Asia, Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Africa, and select institutions and women-led governmental organizations from these regions. Aside from incredible women making great strides, there are numerous incredible networks, action groups and working groups that are industry, region, niche and challenge-specific in nature. GWG looks forward to working together with representatives of these to gather insights and to accomplish more jointly.

GWG is committed to working strategically, with a focus on supporting or initiating positive change aligned with the UN SDGs in a measurable way.